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Favorite Audio

{dj-N} The Beginning of Time Trance Song
-Control: Crowd- Techno Song
{dj-N} Orchestral Angels Trance Song
|-| Hero Son Techno Song
_-={Newgrounds Spectrum}=-_ Classical Song
Orange Rain Trance Song
[Kriz] - Sparkling Dance Song
Our Song Dance Song
┬┤Kriz: Reaching For You Trance Song
Pat!M - Lost In Tran(ce)lation Trance Song
~To the Moon and Back~ Techno Song
~See Me Now Clubbing RMX~ Techno Loop
Revolutions Techno Song
TwistedTechno Techno Song
Kingdom Hearts Video Game Song
haze Dance Song
Scarborough Fair (Brunzo Mix) Dance Song
The Final Hour Techno Song
Every End... Techno Song
~Neverland~ Vocal ReMix Dance Song
Operation: Evolution Techno Song
{Runaway} Trance Song
Shock The System Trance Song
-MrMaestro- SuperNova Trance Song
Atomic Inc - Forever Trance Song
Atomic Inc - Finish Me Trance Song
The Shadow Of Mind House Song
-plingplong- Techno Song
Articulate Trance Song
Delayed Mind Trance Song
{Moonlight} Trance Song
[tC] - Rain Trance Song
The Days Gone By Trance Song
Infinnion - Lost in Space Trance Song
MC BigBoy--The Adventure pt. 2 Techno Song
MC BigBoy--Flying on a Star Ambient Song
MC BigBoy--Love Bells Techno Song
MC BigBoy--TranceStorm (Guit.) Trance Song
Universe City Dance Song
eletronic bullets Techno Song
"Above The Clouds" F-777 Dance Song
"In Imagination" F-777 ReMiX Trance Song
"Rain Trance" F-777 Trance Song
"Before Mydnite" F-777 Dance Song
F-777 Memories Trance Song
Nylon at 140 Dance Song